VISUAL DIAIRES: Consciousness Raising Workshop

Visual Diaries traveling exhibition:
2009 Bridging Generations: Women Artists and Organizations from Rutgers' Collection,
Rutgers' University, Alexander Library, New Brunswick, NJ
2010 Suffolk Community College, Long Island, NY
2010 Fairleigh Dickinson University, Teaneck, NJ
2011 Auburn University, Montgomery, AL
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Helen Stockton in conversation with other NYFAI students
Helen Stockton-NYFAI’S oldest student in conversation
with younger students, Winter 1980

NYFAI ORAL HISTORY PROJECT, Rutgers University Library
Housed at Rutgers University

Open Houses


Thank you to Robyn and Joan Stockton whose mother Helen Stockton was our oldest student (1913-2005)
and who have contributed funds in memory of their mother to make the NYFAI oral histories possible.

In memory of:

Arverna Adams, Louise Bourgeois, Sandra Branch, Helene Brandt, Peg Brennan, Rosemarie Castoro, Judith Chiti, Elaine DeKooning, Eleanor Dickinson, Penne Franklin, Kathleen Gatuso, Ellen Lanyon, Doris Licht, Frances Newton, Patsy Norvell, Irene Peslikas, Arlene Raven,
Miriam Schapiro, Carol Shapiro, Nancy Spero, Helen Stockton, Merlin Stone and Carol Stronghilos, Marcia Tucker, Margaret Weber, Hannah Wilke

Peg Brennan - 90 years old - passed on July 19, 2013
She was an inspiration to us all

Judy Chiti taught critical theory: Words/Concepts/Analytic Thinking 1 & 2, Creative Reading
Ellen Lanyon taught art making: Exploring Realist Painting
Irene Peslikas taught art making and theory: Mutli-media, Elemental Feminism
Arlene Raven taught critical theory: A Feminist Looks at Art and Culture






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