NYFAI Oral History Project
Housed in the Rutgers University Library

Helen Stockton in conversation with NYFAI students
Helen Stockton-NYFAI’S oldest student in conversation
with younger students, Winter 1980

After a productive eleven years, NYFAI regrettably closed its doors in 1990.  Recently, one of our senior students, Helen Stockton, died at the age of 91. Helen was aware that, while the NYFAI papers had been donated to the Rutgers University Library, there was no other documentation or history of the school.  Her daughters contributed in her name toward the task of developing an oral history of the school. 
We are in the process of interviewing former founders, faculty, students and others major participants of its 11 years. A heartfelt thank you to Joan Arbeiter who encouraged and helped us to begin.

Interviews have been conducted by Katie Cercone, Dena Muller, Flavia Rando PhD. and transcribed by Emily Harris of
30 participants/instructor’s experiences at The New York Feminist Art Institute (NYFAI) marking a historical record of the major contributions of the school on the Feminist Art Movement and the art world. The interviews with: Catherine Allen, Joan Arbeiter, Nancy Azara, Darla Bjork, Sandra Branch, Susan Brownell, Mari-Claire Charba, Judith Chiti, Leila Daw, Penne Franklin, Janet Goldner, Barbara Hammer, Harmony Hammond, Cassandra Langer, Sandra Lara, Harriet Lyons, Melissa Meyer, Catherine Morris, Lynn Northrup, Quimetta Perle, Faith Ringgold, Phyllis Rosser, Harriet Rothauser, Rhonda Schaller, Miriam Schapiro, Elke Solomon,
Rosemary Starace, Carol Stronghilos, Regina Tierney, Kay Towns

All oral histories have been archived as audio CDs and typed transcripts.
To view a .pdf of the transcript, click on the participant's name. Requires Acrobat Reader Plug In.




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