Visual Diaries
Consciousness Raising Workshop
Taught by Nancy Azara, 1979-1988

"To begin with, there was the image making aspect. We talked, listened and kept drawing no matter what, and over time, when we looked back, we were surprised to discover that we were each uncovering our own kind of personal – more or less consistent – visual vocabulary which was sort of summoned up from our pre-consciousness. This discovery gave me confidence to experiment and move forward in the studio."
Joan Arbeiter

The visual expression of wordless feelings; personal hieroglyphics
will be linked with content through consciousness-raising.
Mondays 6:30-9:30pm.
Description from catalog Fall 1986

The Visual Diaries Show is an ongoing and travelling exhibit - If you participated in Nancy Azara's Consciousness-Raising, Visual Diaries Art-Making Workshop, please email a few images from your diary to:

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